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SaskTel, the leading full service communications company in Saskatchewan, has been serving our customers for over 90 years.

SaskTel provides competitive voice, data, dial and high-speed Internet, web hosting, secure electronic transactions, text and messaging services over a fiber optic-based, fully digital network. Digital and analog cellular, paging, wireless data and FleetNet 800 service is provided through its SaskTel Mobility division.

SaskTel also maintains investments in companies which provide directory publishing, remote security monitoring, system design, project management, engineering consulting, software sales, multimedia and cable television services. Sasktel, a small business segment, has over 25,000 customers. Their staff offers pronouned work, while handeling incoming business calls providing customers with local access, rental sets, high speed internet, MAX and more.


838-48th St East
Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 1Y7


Bus Tel: (306) 230-6631
Cell Phone: (306) 230-6631
Fax: (306) 683-4930
Contact Info: (306) 931-6470, Sales Associate

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