Social Events | 7:22 Breakfast Club

Summer Barbeque - July 17 2010

Starts At:  6:30 p.m.
Location:  62 Kootenay Drive - Patty Scheighardt's Residence

Cost to Attend:  $12.00 per person
Non-Members Permitted?:  Guests Permitted

Event Information:  Cocktails: 6:30pm, Supper 7:22 or therabouts
BYOB (Alcohol), BYOA/SorD (appetizer, salad or dessert); BYOLC (Lawn Chair), BYOMR (Mosquito Repellant)
Includes all you can eat baby back ribs, Korean & BBQ with garlic cheese bread and carrot cake

Contact for Further Info:  Milt Taylor

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