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Mystery Dinner - March 20 2010

Starts At:  TBA: a.m.
Location:  Various Host Home Locations .. Times to be Confirmed

Cost to Attend:  Each Guest Must bring 1 bottle of wine per 1 person, and your own cocktails
Non-Members Permitted?:  Spouses or significant others welcome

Event Information:  We will need to have 3 hosts and 6 other members as guests (plus spouse, friend or significant other). Here is how it works. The host (couple) will know that they will be hosting 4 guests (2 members and companions) They will not know who their guests will be. The guests will not know who their host will be, but will be given the address the day prior.


Host: to provide a meal of their choice for a total of 6 people. This can be anything you choose, hot dogs, hamburgers,pasta, or whatever you are comfortable with.

Guests: to bring one bottle of wine per person, plus BYOC (bring your own cocktails)

The idea is to mix and mingle with other club members to get to know more about your fellow members on a social bases.

Contact for Further Info:  Sharon Kaendo. Look on the members directory for their contact information.

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