News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

April 26 2017

Submitted by Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Executive Announcements

Monica of Blinds Unlimited was our chairperson as Steve was away...


Golf tournament has a new date - June 28th - Fill that Bus!

Social Announcements

Social  Pawlovitch Chiropractic is hosting a reception for the members may 3rd at 6:15

General Announcements

Lyle Burkell - Zoo Gala June 16

Cheryl Tuck Tallon - Artists Loft  Max and Mini show

Kelly Kudrick - SPCA fundraiser Friday

Mike Jenkins - Sod turning for 44 million $ Rin

Dr. Don Johnson - Dogs' Breakfast

Martin Schweighardt  BBQ event - 7th coming of Spring May 10th

Speaker | Linda Boryski - Saskatoon Physio Yoga

After 16 months Linda is now sole owner and director.  Business learning curve has been steep but she feels she has conquered with the help of her new staff member Jarrett.  

Only clinic with strictly healthcare professionals teaching classes and concentrating on prevention.

Sergeant at Arms

Tyson Nelkenbrecher of Western Carpet - even though the room was small his fleecing was large

Hidden Hand

Greg White of McFaull Consulting must have had his hand in his pocket as he got lots of non shakes.

Pot of Gold Winner

Gizelle of Sasktel donated and Rodney Spork of One to One Courier won

My apologies for the late posting of these notes.  The passing of Joe Schmidt was a shock for all of us.  Our support to his family.

Next Meeting

2017-05-10 (7:22 a.m.)

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