News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

March 22 2017

Submitted by Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Executive Announcements

Golf date is set at June 14th.  Fill That Bus!!!!

Social Announcements

Andy Pawlovich of Pawlovich Chiropractic is hosting a business after hours reception at his office, may 3, 6:15 120 - 3010 Preston Ave

Dr. Don thanked Keith Goodmundson for hosting the open house at his beautiful new project.

General Announcements

Art in Action April 6th at Action Office Interiors - collaboration of Artists Loft and Action Office Interiors

Hanif of Epresss Employment Solutions and Shawne Hancock of Anchor IT Mgt have both been nominated for awards at the NSBA awards upcoming dinner March 30, 2017

Linda Boryski of SPY has free golf preparation classes 

Avery, the new grandchild of late Clarence Munchinsky is now home and well.

Congratulations to the Patty and the Radisson for being awarded the Presidents Award for Silver Birch Hotels.

Speaker | Cleve Len of EY

Cleave spoke of his connections throughout with different members of the club like Lyle Bauer and Barry Frank.  

Cleaves area of specialty is compliance, management and acquisitions, although he does overlap with the tax areas on occassion.

He outlined the items that have changed in the tax environment in the recent past and the most likely items later in the day when the federal and  provincial budgets are released.  

Sergeant at Arms

Tyson was as harsh as the budgets! with Carbon Tax and targeted tax on Lyle Burkell for being rowdy, Milt for his "Irish" accent, Monica for leaving early, Ryan and Robin for their cell phones.

Hidden Hand

Sue Brooks - fined Patric, Rick, Patty and Len

Pot of Gold Winner

Next Meeting

2017-04-12 (7:22 a.m.)

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