News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

June 24 2015

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

Exec: JR on Golf: July 8th. 27 people on the bus so far. Book your spa services.

Social Announcements

Social: BeerMeatsva event on Monday July 20th. No weekend excuses. 10 bucks for ribs. BYOB/C.

General Announcements

Palm Springs timeshare available from Monica. Email for dates and dee'ts.

Tanya Brittain is holding her annual fundraiser for Interval and Adel house.

Dwight Buckle retiring this fall at 58.

Black Spruce Gallery looks amazing lately with some abstracts on display.

Speaker | Jeff Sharp with Colony Coffee

Jeff Sharp is a trained Barito and has spent 11 years at Colony Coffee. The main owner started the company in Regina in 1985. Office coffee delivery is half of their business. They offer free delivery. Restaurant service is another division, providing everything a Starbucks can offer, to small retailers. They also do service for 99% of the Starbucks equipment in SK.

Water coolers with fancy filters are highlighted today instead of coffee. Ion model is much more sanitary than ordinary water jugs. The water pathway is sealed and pressurized until the water is in your cup. No stagnant tub to collect dust in this model. 20 feet of coil run through an ice bank offering unlimited cold water. No room temperature ambient water when you're the 5th person in line. His staff can come to service it when the blinking light indicated that the filter has expired. No cleaning required. Boasts a half micron sized filter so that even cryptosporidium is removed but it leaves the natural minerals in the water. The machine has options to come with hot water and with a child lock. It can be customized further to dispense sparking water, or flavor enhancers. It has a sleep mode with light sensors to detect when the office is closed to save power. Also provided at Colony Coffee: K cups, Kureg machine service, beans in portioned packs, and teas; as well as an alternative to Kureg: a commercial system: Flavia by Mars. Brand new website is now running so check them out mobile friendly at www. ColonyCoffee .com.

Sergeant at Arms

Milton: talking about naked men tax. New member tax.

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Pete Thompson won a sweet tea flavor syrup.

New Membership Packages Presented to:

Shawn, Henif, and Angela. Bylaws and code of ethics. Longest standing networking club in Saskatoon at 31 years and counting. Shawn: 700 employee-strong company with 130 on call at their help desk and 9 people in Saskatoon for your IT solutions. Henif: Temp?

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2015-08-26 (7:22 a.m.)

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