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May 27 2015

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

Membership Announcements: 1st reading for Angela with Wolfecroft signs. 3rd and final reading for Hanif with Express Employment.

Cheryl: 5 new members it looks like this year. Great job everyone. You're all challenged to bring in one person. Cheryl complimented Mike's attention to detail and ability to step back and let others be the stars.

Social Announcements

Jeff Sharp Social announcements: BBQ July 20th Monday night. Rain or shine at Don Ewart?

General Announcements

Friday dog days of May at Milton?

Speaker | Mike Jenkins with Husky Athletics

Mike was born in Thompson, and raised in Saskatoon. A University of Regina grad. He's been married 20 years to his wife and has 2 teenagers. Mike has been with the Huskies for 5 yrs. His history includes 15 years working in the Western Hockey League. His main job is managing the business of the 15 teams at the U of S. This translates to over 400 student athletes. Mike is a huge sports fan and has been a member of the 722 Breakfast Club since 2000. Presentation is in the form of a Game!! Trivia against the other tables. Last Husky team to win CIS national competition? Men's 2010. 2 FORMER Huskies that landed jobs in Professional Hockey? Todd McLellan and Mike Babcock. What year did the Huskies last host the Vanier cup? 06. Vs. Laval. Epic scene unfolded where a ball EXPLODED AT practice due to cold. Legendary. Attendance record set in 2014. 40 thousand at a game! CJWW is new broadcast partner: with the voice of Dave Thomas. Of the 15 teams there are 3 that are financially pulling the load at the U of S. Charts were shown to highlight the disparity between UofS vs. UofR. The Huskie home games will have a greater tailgating scene this year. Come out before the games for Rally Alley! Dr. Don?

Sergeant at Arms

Fines: For not introducing themselves prior to speaking; None for kids table, and none for the silly minute taker that noted May27th as last meeting. Woops! Great attendance today Team!

Hidden Hand

Hidden hand from Bridge City Bookkeeping, Jennifer.

Pot of Gold Winner

Mike had some swag to give out and the winner was

Other Business


Next Meeting

2015-06-09 (7:22 a.m.)

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