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April 08 2015

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

Golfing location TBA. Three months to decide by July 8th. The bus is booked, so look forward to it.

Our May meeting will be host to Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison. This would be a good meeting to bring a guest to.

Social Announcements

Monday July 20th BBQ at Don Ewart?

General Announcements

Giselle Howard with Sasktel: 4G network has expanded into more resort communities and there are more on the way. There is a new billing system in the works for wireless customers. The service would provide automated calling, rather than physical people calling you when your data bill gets too high. (Thank you CRTC! ;)) The system will also allow you to manually set a billing amount to not exceed for data charges. Big changes for the 300 staff members so please bear with them.

Thurs April 30th brings around the 15th Annual Dogs Breakfast fundraiser for U of S football scholarships. Speaker: Rony Lott, former NFL defensive back and football hall of famer. They expect to serve over 2000 people at Prairieland Park. Tickets available at


Speaker | Greg White with McFaal Consulting

Introduction by Cheryl Tuck-Talon is warm and reminiscent of when Cheryl joined the club 15 years ago. She paints Greg as the glue behind the club.

Greg gives a brief history of his life and family, wife Lorna and gown children. He stayed in touch with McFaal after University. Greg transitioned into the business after 15 years in banking. McFaal opened in 1955 as a farm estate planning business with the goal of answering the question of ?

Sergeant at Arms

Clarence and Milton carried on being awesome and razzing folks for various reasons to collect for our charity fund.

Hidden Hand

Jeff Sharp for Colony Coffee was the hidden Hand. He shook with everyone due to our wedding procession around the table today.

Pot of Gold Winner

No pot of gold today. Please bring prizes. 10$ Ti

Other Business


Next Meeting

2015-04-22 (7:22 a.m.)

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