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February 25 2015

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

Membership: List from Darlene highlighting our the vacant categories. Reminder, that we have all been assigned a goal of bringing one new member to the club this year, is given. New member welcomed: Tyson from Western Carpet One will be voted in by the Executive at the end of the regular meeting today.

Social Announcements

Social: Jeff promotes the next socail event at Coast Wholesale. Perry re-itterates that food will be served all day but the drink come out at 6pm next week, Thursday March 5th. ;)

General Announcements

Steve Hogle updates us on the Blade's recent event. 6000 Children attended the Team Up for Respect event to promote anti-bulling. See upcoming events at Richard Kees with Canadian Red Cross. Day of Pink celebrations begin today Feb 25th. Ordering opportunity still available for April 1st event. Call Richard for details of sponsorships available. Cherry Insurance, Lyle Bauer: Sponsoring some of the Blues Fest events. Call for a few tickets if you want to go to anything.

Speaker | AGM

Cheryl Tuck-Tallon, our President, thanks us for our suggestions for the bylaw review. Our revised code of conduct has been our guiding light. A new code of conduct was required as it uses current, updated language. She and the rest of the Board are very pleased with it. Lyle Burkell, Secretary and Bylaw Review Committee Chair: Move to accept actions of the Executive over the last year. Moved, Seconded, and Passed unanimously. Two larger bylaw changes: Code of Conduct, and Membership Classes of Active and Social. Moved, second, both passed. Bylaw 9, Eligibility of Membership: Move to strike the 'no dual club membership' bylaw. Larger businesses present here cannot be expected to ONLY be involved with the 722. 10a Bylaw: If a member should expand their services, they are bound to inform the club membership of the change at least twice. We intend to change the bylaw to read that the information be passed on 'by email news letter' rather than paper news letter. Further to that, our minutes must have a physical copy printed off and filed in a minute book and kept by the club; especially the AGM and election minutes from voting in a new executive. Bylaw 40, Voting and Non-voting Executive Members: Add to voting list the Golf and Social Chairs as well as the Sargent at Arms. We don't want too many people required to make a vote happen but it seems silly to exclude these members. Bylaw 43a: Delinquent payments are those at fault for more than 30 days. We will increase to 60 days for vacation considerations. 43c: We shall allow 5 absences or 25% of meetings with calls or email explanation of absence without an Alternate present. ALL Moved, Seconded. Passed. These changes will be submitted to our lawyer for 'legal jargan-ization' before being submitted to the appropriate regulatory body for filing.< Club Financial Report from Greg White: Profit and Loss 2014; Summary of Revenue an Expense Comparative 2013/14 to Projected 2015/16; Dec. 31st Balance Sheet. Report Summary: We will attempt to stay below 15 k to avoid CRA scrutiny. (Although below $15k we incur small bank fees.) Break even will be attempted with paid social events and sponsors. Just eight new members would make this minor projected deficit disappear. We have had a luxurious few years, but will now transition into frugality to maintain our balance. Moved as submitted, 2nd, carried.

We can submit the books for audit. Kelly Kudryk moved to forgo, Richard Kees second, unanimous approval ?

Sergeant at Arms

Kelly Kudryk collected for hidden hand. CHERYL will appointment the hidden member each meeting.

Hidden Hand

Sargent Clarence: aggressive questions on the finance for MANY dollar dollar coins ya'll.

Pot of Gold Winner

Pot of Gold Recap on the scheme. $20 for whole yea

Other Business


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2015-03-11 (7:22 a.m.)

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