News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

December 10 2014

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

If you can, please pay your 2015 dues at that time as well. $441 with GST included is the standard membership fee now. Roger: Announces another new position with a Ceramic and Tile company as the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Rep. 7 months of work was dashed recently due to partner greed that he is disappointed about, but life moves on. He has had 4 years of great encouragement and support from the club and would like to express his thanks. Gives an Epic Toast and we all raise our glasses to the future with him.

Lyle passed out the 2015 speaker sign-up sheet. Part of our club success is speaking and letting others know what we do, as well as supporting each other and growing as business people.

Social Announcements

Xmas Luncheon starts at 11:30 am Wednesday, Dec 17th. Free parking at the Radisson lot ?

General Announcements

Milton: So many fines paid for his woopsies on his choir practise date planning. January choir practice TBA. Milton went to shovel Cheryl?

Speaker | Brenda Thomsen: Harvest Brewing Company and Harvest Vintners

Wine and food pairings will be discussed! At her 8th street location they can make your wine for you or you can buy your kits at either location. Red with red meat and white with white meat do not need to be solid rules any more. Feel free to try a variety of different wines as they can taste different to every individual?

Sergeant at Arms

Cheryl writes a check. Brenda didn't bring wine samples (!). Don and Steve each take one for question planting.. again.. cough cough?

Hidden Hand

No one comes forward. Will reassign for 2015.

Pot of Gold Winner

For $5 to Jennifer will go the SPCA

Other Business


Next Meeting

2015-01-14 (7:22 a.m.)

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