News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

November 26 2014

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

Quick Financial Report: Greg White: We will have reduced the balance in our account by 5k this year. Much was spent on our Golf Trip and the 30th party; As well as renewing the website. 42 members now. Projections suggest another loss of 6k. Dues will go up slightly next year. It was $350 if paid early or $400. Will now be $420 each with no discount. We feel it is till quite reasonable for our great breakfasts that the Radisson Hotel hooks us up with and then only charge us for people who attend, not the projected number. Compliments from the peanut gallery on his quick and easy to understand report. FYI: it has been 2 years since last dues increase. Milton: Choir practice scheduling, TBA.

Social Announcements

  • 45$ Xmas Party Guest fee. Tammy Forester for Ron Macdonald House will be our speaker on Wednesday the 17th. The kids all want to take home Lego from their Toy Room. Please bring in some sets for donation on the 17th.
  • Milton: Choir practice scheduling, TBA. Cheryl reminds us that we want to do drinks at members businesses sometimes. We as the club would contribute to the party of course.

General Announcements

A call for silent auction items for SPCA donation at BRIDGE CITY BOOKKEEPING'S Xmas party. Will come pickup. Please email Jennifer Chirsten to donate. Sue Brooks for BPW silent auction, requests items as well. If you can attend the BPW fundraiser please buy tickets online on BPW'S website. Cheryl's The Artists Loft off broadway opening gala invited were distributed for Nov 28th. She and her peers have adopted 10 families in Cabo and any funds raised will go to support their rebuilding efforts.

Speaker | Steve Hogle President of the Saskatoon Blades

Steve introduced us to the new faces of his management team. Of special note is Colin Priestner, as Managing Partner. He brings a great freshness to the club. In revitalizing the brand, the management knew that the hockey part cannot be changed; But the business is able to change. They are working to inspired a new culture. They want to be putting the players first, and hockey second. Only 5% of AHL players go to NHL. Steve wants to help ready them for other opportunities in life and create strong characters. This is a critical component to their philosophy. ?

Sergeant at Arms

Fines given for long Jacks of the Days; for no introduction of a guest; Puppetteering/q. asking from the audience during the talk. Rodney; late due to train...we feel his pain...the fine? Restrained.

Hidden Hand

Not recorded.

Pot of Gold Winner

Darlene for 7$ John Ross won blades tickets.

Compliments for Steve and the Blades

Giselle complimented the organization. She works with them to sell 50/50 tickets and will announce another unique venture between Sasktel and the Blades in the near future. Robin silently compliments the Blade's great website. It was full of interesting information but was still super easy to navigate for fact checking;)

Next Meeting

2014-12-10 (7:22 a.m.)

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