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May 14 2014

Submitted by Robin Claus

Executive Announcements

John Ross ?

Social Announcements

Social Position still needs to be filled.

General Announcements

Robin will be sending an email out for the Massage Therapist's association to solicit partners in an Affinity program. Businesses would be promoted to the Massage Therapists of SK in return for preferred pricing on products. (alliteration ?

Speaker | Keith Moen Executive Director of NSBA

Keith began the address by giving us some history on the North Saskatoon Business Association. The lobby group originally formed to persuade the municipal government to place the North Battleford highway to intersect with Idylwyld. After that accomplishment in the mid 60's the group was dormant into the early 70's when common interests in infrastructure design for the emerging north end brought them back together. NSBA's other accomplishments include: establishing the TCUP at it's downtown location, designing bus routes for the North Industrial area. The city has grown tremendously in business productivity, GDP and population in the last several years. With continued participation from the membership, the NSBA hopes to remain at the helm of change for an even more prosperous Saskatoon. Pam Kenny continued the presentation. As the former Executive Director's Executive Assistant and current Member Services staff member, Pam has been involved at the NSBA for a few years and cannot say enough positive things about it.

Sergeant at Arms

Lots of fines handed out. Go Lyle Go ?

Hidden Hand

There may have been one... notes lost. (shakes fist at her new Samsung phone)

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2014-05-28 (7:22 a.m.)

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