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April 24 2013

Submitted by Darlene Danyliw

Executive Announcements

Pat says the last breakfast meeting, bring your alternate was a success. Names of the alternates should be given to Nathan so we can post them on the website. The deadline to purchase a 7:22 members photo from Milton is at the end of April. Pat says the sign up for Spa day is end of day today, 6:00 April 24th. Roger reminded us that May 22nd is the meeting is bring a potential new member to breakfast. He gave some suggestions of different vacant areas of business categories. Dr. Don gave a treasurer report update. As of end of March we have roughly $24,000 in the bank. We would like to get that number down to $10,000 by end of the year. Pat and the executive has allocated some of the funds for different events to help get that number down.

Social Announcements

John Ross reminded us that bowing is this Saturday, April 27th. He has 9 teams committed. He will email us a golf mystery day update in the near future.

General Announcements

Mitch from the Blades informed us April 28th the Blades are having a fun day for kids with lots of different events to gear up for the Memorial Cup in May 17th. The day is free but would everyone to bring a non parishable food item to donate.

Speaker | Giselle Howard - Sasktel

Giselle has been a member of the 7:22 Club for 6 years. At Sasktel she has been in various different positions over the years. Her job for the last 2 1/2 years is in ?

Sergeant at Arms

Both Lyle's got lots of people again.

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Darlene Danyliw

Other Business


Next Meeting

2013-05-08 (7:22 a.m.)

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