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March 27 2013

Submitted by Darlene Danyliw

Executive Announcements

Pat told us to sign up on the sheet if we wanted to buy a group photo for $20.00. Milton says 1/2 of the $20.00 will be donated to charity. End of April will be the deadline for the photos. John Ross gave us update on the mystery golf tournament saying everything is just about finalized. Also just about finalized is the bowling night on Saturday, April 27th at Fairhaven Bowl. Milton reminded us of the upcoming Choir Practice, Thursday, March 28th here downstairs in the Ramada Hotel between 5:00 ?

Social Announcements


General Announcements

Jeff Sharp from Colony Coffee is needing a full time Monday ?

Speaker | Don Ewart from Advanced Labour Solutions

Advance Labour Solutions helps with Company Employee Relations like high maintenance employees. Don does HR audits. They also do management assessments. Does HR cost money? How much does staff turn over costs? Very few employees leave a company for the money. Effective managers will have their staff trained. So they can cover for fellow workers that go on vacation. Trained employees are vital to your organization. Pay raises are based on more value added to the company. Delegating is very important.

Sergeant at Arms

Both Lyle's fined a lot of people

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Clarence Muchinsky

Other Business


Next Meeting

2013-04-10 (7:22 a.m.)

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