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January 09 2013

Submitted by Darlene Danyliw

Executive Announcements

Giselle Howard (Social) informed us that 33 people have signed up for the President's Ball that is Friday, January 18, 2013, starts at 6:22. There will be a draw for two tickets to the Huskies CIS Men's Hockey Cup at the President's Ball. Giselle also reminded us that Saturday, February, 9th is the 7:22 Blades night at the Sasktel box. There is a few spots still left so please let her know if you want to go. Dr. Don (Treasurer) let us know that there is only 6 more 2013 memberships left to be paid. Pat Wallin (President) informed the Executive our meeting dates which are January 16th, April 17th, June 5th and September 4th at the Radisson downstairs in the little meeting room off the restaurant.

Social Announcements

Giselle Howard and Don Ewart will be emailing out a calendar of year social events to us members.

General Announcements

Dwight Buchholz from TD Bank let us know that as of February 4th there will be no more pennies issued out to us. But TD will still accept them back as currency. Also at TD if a cheque is written with cents they will round up for us customers. Sharon Kaendo from Leisure Travel sent an invitation email out to the members on a information evening on Walking and Cycling Holidays. Mitch from the Blades informed us on the special events coming up at the upcoming Blades game. This Friday, January 11th they will have 4 Blue Jay Baseball players coming to sign autographs. Saturday, January 19th they will be handing out bauble heads. Sue Brooks a member of the Business and Professional Women's Club. They will be having their 13th Women's Day Dinner March 5th, 2013. Their speaker is Mellissa Fung

Speaker | Pat Wallin from the Hair Hut as well our 2013 President

Pat has been the owner of the Hair Hut for 29 years. Her salon has involved over the years. Competition has been fierce and ever changing. For example a color can be bought at supply chains by just about everyone now and people opening up salons in their homes. Pat has a 7 chair business in Saskatoon as well as a 2 chair Hair Hut in Waskesiu. Now as President for this year she informed us that there is 21 meetings, the dates are on our 7:22 website. We do have lots of social activities this year, it is important to attend them as it makes great networking. As members of this club we try to use are members services when ever we can as well as referring them to others. As our President, Pat promises to work smarter rather than harder. Each table to take 10 minutes to talk as a group and write down a few points that we would like to see in this upcoming year.

Sergeant at Arms

The two Lyle's gracefully went around and the room and got their loot.

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Thang Dinh

Other Business


Next Meeting

2013-01-23 (7:22 a.m.)

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