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December 19 2012

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Lyle Burkell is the winner of the Jack Rudolph Member of the Year Award. Clarence Munchinsky is the winner of the Perfect Attendance Award for meetings. Congratulations, Lyle and Clarence.

Mike Jenkins thanked the members of the 2012 executive and introduced the upcoming 2013 executive.

Social Announcements

Our President's Ball / Roast will be an informal event on Friday January 18 2013. Make sure that you register for it by the cutoff date of January 9th.

General Announcements


Speaker | Big Brothers & Sisters of Saskatoon

Wayne Wiens, executive director for Big Brothers and Sisters of Saskatoon as well as one of their board members made a presentation about their organization. They focused on how studies have shown that littles matched with an adult mentor tend to stay in school longer than the average student. They have a higher rate of attending post secondary education. They are statistically less inclined to become involved in drugs as compared to the total youth population and later in life, as adults, generally become better involved in our communities. BBBS is always looking for volunteers ... especially adult male mentor volunteers.

Our club fines over the year together with today's donations, totalling about $2,680.00, were donated to BBBS.

Sergeant at Arms

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Hidden Hand

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Pot of Gold Winner

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Other Business


Next Meeting

2013-01-09 (7:22 a.m.)

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