News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

March 14 2012

Submitted by Darlene Danyliw

Executive Announcements

Mike Jenkins ask the executive to meet for 10 minutes after the meeting today.

Social Announcements

Quinn Magnusson informed us the group dinners will be started. He will be hosting the first dinner with 2 -3 couples. Anybody interested to let him know.

General Announcements

Rick Carlson gave us a update on Tangs daughter's illness. Dwight Buchholz reminded us of the NASBA Builders Awards this weekend and also the speaker at the Radisson next Wednesday. Mike Jenkins said the Huskie Ladies Basketball is in Calgary for the finals this weekend. As well the Huskie Men's Hockey going to Fredricton for the Nationals. Dr. Don has two tickets to the symphony to give away. Greg White needs a part time receptionist for 2 days a week if anybody knows of somebody to let him know. Sharon Kaendo says this the time of year to book your European and Alaska trips.

Speaker | Quinn Magnusson is a consulting manager for BDC Bank.

Quinn Magnusson is a consulting manager for BDC Bank. BDC helps and assist business owners with their challenges / business plans. BDC Finance consulting helps getting money to start a business. BDC helps customers with high revenue growth than no BDC clients. Quinn often hears customers say ?

Sergeant at Arms

Victor Boryski fined a lot of people

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Darlene Danyliw

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Next Meeting

2012-03-28 (7:22 a.m.)

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