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February 08 2012

Submitted by Darlene Danyliw

Executive Announcements

Yea! Jack Rudolph is back. Dwight Buchholz awarded Jack the member of the year award that he missed at our Christmas party. John Ross (Golf Coordinator) has informed us on the mystery golf day/spa day. Martin Paul from Air Stream Mechanical has graciously offered to sponsor 1/2 of the bus cost. Thanks Martin! The proposed day of the mystery golf/spa day is June 27th. John will email us a sign up and sheet/details. Mike Jenkins wanted to thank Giselle Howard for again giving us the Sasktel box this year for the Blades game. Also Mike Jenkins reminded us that the next meeting is February 22nd and is the Annual General Meeting and no guests or alternates are allowed.

Social Announcements


General Announcements

Jack Rudolph thanked Milton Taylor for his support to him and his wife and keeping us up-dated on his progress while he was sick in the hospital. Sue Brooks informed us of the up coming BWP Dinner event coming up on March 8th. Dwight Buchholz informed us that TD bank is opening more branches on Sundays. Giselle Howard reminded us to check our Sasktel cellular plans before we go on vacation so we don't have a surprise bill when we get back from vacation.

Speaker | Greg White from McFaull Consulting Inc.

Greg gave a brief history of McFaull Consulting and how the company came to be. McFaull is a full service financial planning/planners as well as insurance, and life insurance. Greg deals with business owners, estate planning and now Group RRSP programs. All of Greg's colleagues are certified and will help design your retirement plans. They are NOT brokers. Greg strongly believes allocating money to a plan is important to our futures. As investors we need to be patient in the low times of the market. McFaull properly allocate your funds and manage your portfolio. They will guide us. The markets have not returned a lot in the last 10-12 years. Greg gave us a few Don't Worry Positive Trend examples. Power of waiting and be patient.

Sergeant at Arms

The 2 Lyle's (Lyle Burkell and Lyle Bauer) - poor Milton Taylor got fined 3 times!! Also was fined was Dwight, Quinn, Brenda for past fines on the Lyle's sitting together and Darlene who had a credit!

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Keith Gudmundson



Next Meeting

2012-02-22 (7:22 a.m.)

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