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January 25 2012

Submitted by Darlene Danyliw

Executive Announcements

Lyle Burkell (Secretary) has speakers lined up for the month of February but needs some for March so if any members want to speak call or email him. Martin Paul (Membership Directory) has asked members to bring guests or alternates to our breakfast to keep the 7:22 club growing. Mike Jenkins has reminded us that the Annual General meeting is February 22nd and no guests are allowed.

Social Announcements

Monica Pollard says are first social event will be the Saskatoon Blades night at the Sasktel box on Friday, February 3. If you received a email back saying okay from her then you are in. Giselle Howard has the tickets (23 people are allowed to attend)

General Announcements

Sharon Kaendo is sorry and has to cancel the information night on the Sandals Resort on January 26th and will reschedule at a later date. Giselle and Ian Howard our putting on a steak night fundraiser for Gordon and Marlene Howe Alzimers Society February 16th at Baileys. Tickets are $25.00. Milton Taylor gave us a update on Jack Rudolph illness and he is doing very well and will hopefully be to the next meeting. Yea!

Speaker | Members Networking at the table

Instead of a speaker we were asked by Lyle Burkell (Secretary) to network at our tables with our fellow members. This has been done in the past in the club many years ago and proved to be successful. At my table (Darlene Danyliw?

Sergeant at Arms

Victory Boryski - was nice to every one and there was no fines

Hidden Hand

Scott Mamer - got all the late comers, Nathan, Barry , Ken. The no hand shakers were Giselle and Monica

Pot of Gold Winner

Scott Mamer



Next Meeting

2012-02-08 (7:22 a.m.)

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