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October 26 2011

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Today's elections were run by Dwight Buchholz. The new executive members listed below will be effective as of January 1 2012. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for agreeing to participate in the club's executive!
  • Mike Jenkins - President by acclamation
  • Vice President - Pat Wallin by acclamation
  • Treasurer - Don Johnson by acclamation
  • Membership - Brad Traill by acclamation
  • Assistant Membership - Martin Paul by acclamation
  • Golf - John Ross by acclamation
  • Assistant Golf - Thang Dinh by acclamation
  • Social - Jim Nellis by acclamation
  • Assistant Social - Monica Pollard and Quinn Magnusson
  • Secretary - Lyle Burkell by acclamation
  • Newsletter - Darlene Danyliw by acclamation
  • Sergeant at Arms - Vic Boryski by acclamation
  • Webmaster - Rick Carlson

    Member of the Year nominations are requested by November 15th. Forms were handed out today. It requires someone to make the nomination and a seconder.

    Jack is seeking volunteers for speakers for meetings before Christmas

    Ali Malek's 3rd reading took place and Pete Thompson confirmed that Ali is now a full member. Welcome Ali!

    Social Announcements

    Mike Jenkins reminded us that our Christmas Luncheon is December 14th at noon. Mark your diaries.

    General Announcements

    Member endorsements

    Speaker | No Speaker Today Due to Elections


    Sergeant at Arms

    None today

    Hidden Hand

    None today

    Pot of Gold Winner

    Barry Frank

    Other Business


    Next Meeting

    2011-11-09 (7:22 a.m.)

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