News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

September 28 2011

Submitted by Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Executive Announcements

Dwight B Reminder October 26th is executive elections. Guests should not be in attendance Pete T. Membership - several members need their pictures taken for the website. Contact Milt Propsed New Member Ali Malek, Saskatoon Blades - 1st reading

Social Announcements

Patti S. Christmas luncheon at the Radisson Dec 14th. Guest welcome Work is being done on a poker tournament and Sled Ride. Stay tuned.

General Announcements

Keith M NSBA - Lessons I've Learned Dinner OCt 14th 4:30 Dr. Don Johnson - Free youth Tennis Lessons - contact him - anyone interested in free play casino tickets, he has some - Oct 16th Rider Game - tickets available Len Foster - Footcare week is commencing Jack R. - encouraged everyone to get to a Huskie Football game - good time Mike Jenkins - Huskie Hockey will play 4 games at Credit Union Centre this year Patti S. - October is Winefest month at the Radisson

Speaker | Don Ewart - Advanced Labour Solutions

Don gave an enlightening talk on union and general labour relations.

Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer stood in - Pat, Milt, Vic and Jack

Hidden Hand

Keith G, Vic B, Mike J

Pot of Gold Winner

Dwight Buchholtz - returned to club charity

Pearls of Wisdom - Birthdays - endorsements

Clarence Relationships, Family and Friends Joe Schmidt Family and Friends Endorsements - Vic Joe at Car STar Lyle - Monica and Clint at Blinds Unlimited Twylla from Sunrise Publishing - wished to thank club and the following: Patti at the Radison Top 100 Reception, Jack at Squire Shop for Tux's, Gerry at 77 Signs, Janna at Bills House of Flowers, Pat at Hair Hut and Yu Spa. Clarence - Milt, Jack, Jenna, Joe, Depesh re wedding

Next Meeting

(7:22 a.m.)

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