News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

May 11 2011

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Jack needs speakers for the first meeting in June and September onward. Intersted, let Jack know. New Members Roger Adison with CQ Flooring, second reading, first reading for Monica Pollard of Saskatoon Community Foundation.

Social Announcements

Depesh and Milt informed us about the Golf tournament to be held June 16th at Stoon Golf and Country Club...register online with Picatic.

General Announcements

Endorsements made to Vic and his team for great service, Jana for wonderful flowers, and Joe for straightening out a bad situation! Keith from NSBA announced their GOlf Tournament in 2 weeks. Giselle let us know Sasktel won an award from JD Powers

Speaker | Brian Turnquist, Thomson Jaspar and Associates representing Station 20 West project

Brian gave us an update on this project. The group is constructing a building in the heart of the community to house various Health, Education, and food security groups to provide support to the community. This is not a hand out, more a Help Out! We can contact Paul Wilkinson for more details. Business plans call for self supporting entities without need for further funding, a grocery store to promote and provide healthy choices, and educational entities to foster continued growth and awareness. Project has already raised $4,025,000 and needs a further $925,000 to complete and move forward. All donations accepted

Sergeant at Arms

Mr. Paul fined Jack for the jokes, Depesh for memory failure.

Hidden Hand

Brenda fined JR, Patti, and Giselle.

Pot of Gold Winner

Giselle won and donated back to charity

Other Business


Next Meeting

(7:22 a.m.)

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