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December 08 2010

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Our Christmas luncheon is next week December 15th. It starts at 11:30 but the meal is closer to noon. See the social page of the club website sir more details. Members are paid for ready. Guests and alternates are $25 each. There is no gift exchange. Our designated charity is Care and Share. Please contact Sharon to have your name and guest added to the list if you haven't signed up already.

Social Announcements

The club sleigh ride social was a success 2 weeks ago.

General Announcements

Member endorsements

Speaker | Jack Rudolph - Squire Shop | Mansize Men's Wear

Jack has been a member of the 722 Breakfast Club since 1986. He has been in business 37 years. He moved to Saskatoon in 1966 and graduated from Walter Murray Collegiate. Jack's initial training was in jewelry. His wife is Terrie. They have one son, Mitchell. In 1976 Jack and his then business partner expanded the Squire Shop to also include Mansize Men's Wear. Jack is one of the original members of the breakfast club and a strong supporter of it.

Jack spoke a bit about the Canadian garment industry. He feels that Canadian manufacturers make the best suits on the world. Canadian products have a better fit, more durability and better overall quality. Jack feels that wool is still one of the best materials available to make clothing. A new trend is to make clothing from viscose extracted from the bamboo plant. It is natural and wears much like silk.

They rent and sell tuxedos. It is not as common for men to buy a tuxedo but Jack feels they are one of the best clothing investments available as they don't date at the same pace as other items. While they rent tuxes for a lot of weddings, Jack says that many men are now buying suits instead for their wedding day so they will still have something after the event is over.

Jack had 2 gift draws after his presentation was complete.

Sergeant at Arms

Brenda gave out good natured fines.

Hidden Hand

Greg White

Pot of Gold Winner

Clarence Munchinsky

Other Business


Next Meeting

2010-12-15 (7:22 a.m.)

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