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October 13 2010

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Jack Rudolph is looking for speakers for one meeting in November and one in December.

October 27, 2010 is our elections meeting so no guests please at that meeting. If you haven't already volunteered to run for a position, please give it strong consideration.

Social Announcements

A signup sheet was passed around by Sharon Kaendo for a sleigh ride on November 26, 2010 through the Enchanted Forest and chili afterwords at Sharon's house. The sleigh has a top but open sides so you'll need to dress warmly. This is the last social of the year.

General Announcements

Elise Michalenko's job is moving her to Vancouver. A replacement member of Adecco will take over her position with the club.

Don Johnson announced that he will be retiring from the practice of dentistry at the end of 2010.

Member endorsements.

Speaker | Milton Taylor | Imagery Photography

Milt is involved with the Food Bank. He states that they use about 4 tons of food per day or 20 days per week. Milt was recently involved in a project where some farm land was donated to grow potatoes for the food bank. He says they successfully harvested and donated about 8 tons.

Milt graduated from photography school in 1973. There are only 9 photography businesses in Saskatoon that actually have a studio. The rest, of which there are many, work out of their homes. Having a full studio allows Milt to offer services that many other businesses cannot.

Milt spoke a bit about digital cameras. Rather than using the "program" setting on his camera, he selects the settings manually to get his desired results. Modern cameras also allow you to choose a much higher ISO setting with minimal grain or noise in the image compared to the results one used to get from film. Even though the vast majority of people shoot digital now, there are still some people who prefer film. Milt feels that film will likely still be available 20 years from now.

Milt brought in samples of some recent family portrait work he has done. Although some families come in for portraits every one or two years, most families only come back every eight years or so.

Milt closed off with his favorite motto "treasure life".

Sergeant at Arms

I had to leave before the meeting was over.

Hidden Hand

The person appointed could not attend the meeting. Elise will appoint another for our next meeting.

Pot of Gold Winner

Monica Thomas

Other Business


Next Meeting

2010-10-27 (7:22 a.m.)

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