News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

June 09 2010

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Dwight Buchholz says that mid-way through the 2010 year the club is in good shape financially, membership wise and for social events. Regarding attendance there are some members that don't appear for a few meetings at a time without telling the membership committee that they won't be there. Please remember that attendance at meetings is mandatory. If you cannot attend you are required to notify the membership committee in advance. There is a link on the home page of our website to make it easy for you to do this.

Mike Jenkins announced that Murray Gould of Family Cleaners has resigned. He is unable to make it out for meetings.

Social Announcements

Golf tournament reminders from John Ross and Marquis Downs event reminders from Sharon Kaendo. See the social page on our website for dates and details.

Sharon Kaendo says that a barbeque is planned for late July at Patty Schweighardt's home. A Pasture Golf event is also being planned similar to last year's event. Dates will be announced soon.

General Announcements

Various membership announcements about things happening with their businesses or favourite causes.

Speaker | Keith Moen | North Saskatchewan Business Association

Keith Moen has been a member of the 722 Club since 2000. He has been an active participant in the club holding many executive positions including President. He was introduced to the club by Sharon Kaendo.

Keith started his present career path with a company owned by him and another person, ... Quance Communication Group. He was a self employed contract writer since 1993, being a U of S grad with a BA. He freelanced for many magazines and papers. He later moved to a full time position with Sunrise Publishing where most of us in the club remember him being until approximately the beginning of this year where he took on his present position with the NSBA.

Annual Memberships with the NSBA are $175 per year. They are wholly funded by their membership. They have around 750 members. They are a group that looks after the business interests of its members and also the public in general, lobbying particularly with our municipal and provincial government as well as others. The association was started in 1965 by Harold Latrace who owned the Travel Lodge in Saskatoon. He got people to band together at that time to lobby for the development of 42nd Street into what it is today to ensure the viability of those business locations. From there it grew to its present form.

The NSBA has a volunteer board of eleven people. Originally they represented the northwest quaudrant of the city because of the NSBA's roots. That has broadened to cover the entire city over time although 3/4 of their board members must come from their original section of the city.

Milt Taylor gave an example of how the NSBA helped him with the classification the City of Saskatoon had placed his building in for property tax purposes and praised the effectiveness of the organization.

Sergeant at Arms

Brenda Thomsen fined all late-comers.

Hidden Hand

Jack Rudolph fined our entire table except for Milt Taylor.

Pot of Gold Winner

Len Romanski turned his winnings over to charity.

Other Business

Next meeting will be our last until August. Look at our club website homepage for a list of future meeting dates.

Next Meeting

2010-06-23 (7:22 a.m.)

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