News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

March 10 2010

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Keith Moen with NSBA brought a guest Jody Mitchell with Rawlco Radio.

Milton Taylor with Imagery Photography brought guest Pat Walla with Hair Hut.

Final reading for Alyss Mitchelanko with Adecco.

Second reading for Martin Paul with Airstream Mechanical.

Social Announcements

Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000 made mention that they need one more couple for the mystery dinner.

The sign up sheet for the May Day Party was passed around.

Jack Rudolph made mention of Dogs Breakfast on April 29th 7:30am with guest speaker Warren Noon.

13th Annual Business Builders Award on March 16th hosted by NSBA. Tickets are $75 or a table of 8 for $550, the banquet is open to the public.

General Announcements

Keith Moen with NSBA endorsed Jack Rudolph with Mansize Menswear.

Milton Taylor with Imagery Photography endorsed Len Romanski with Foster Shoes.

Perry Schwark with Coast Wholesale Appliance and Greg White with McFaul Consulting endorsed Clint Thomas with Blinds Unlimited.

Greg White with McFaul Consulting also endorsed Milton Taylor with Imagery Photography.

Notice of a conterfeit scam that has been going around invloving bank drafts and the Bank of Montreal.

Leisure Travel 2000 is hosting an information night on small ships and sailing tonight at 7pm.

Speaker | Jason McKeen with Sine Dolore Consulting

Sine Dolore is an information technology company that relies on customer referrals and word of mouth advertising. As such the company is able to pass the savings onto their customers. Since the business' conception they have four people employed and they have grown 10 times in the first month.

They handle everything from business cars to support and software development. They service both commerical and residential.

The company name means "without pain" in Latin and serves as the motto.

Sergeant at Arms

Fines were given out to Shoshana and Keri as well as Cheryl, Don, Greg, Jason, Keith And Alyss.

Hidden Hand

Darlene Daniluk and fined Steven with 77 Signs and Alyss with Adecco

Pot of Gold Winner

Jack Rudolph

Other Business


Next Meeting

2010-03-24 (7:22 a.m.)

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