News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

February 10 2010

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Second reading for Keith Moen with NSBA.

First reading for Elise Michalenko with Adecco.

Invoices for dues have been sent out $367.50 payable before the end of February.

Quinn Magnusson with 1-800-Got-Junk handed in his resignation as well as Laura Dutka with Paramount Day Spa.

Social Announcements

Milton Taylor requests that all members check the website photo and if you are in need of an update check with Milton.

2 sign up sheets were passed around for the May Day Semi Formal Event and the Mystery Dinner.

Details for Golf event is located on the 722 website, there are 40 spots available.

Dogs Breakfast on April 30 fundraiser for Husky Football. Warren Noon will be the keynote speaker. Tickets are $100 see Jack for more information.

Email was sent out for the NSBA Business Builders Awards on March 16th.

Wine and Dine for Care & Share at the Willows $75 per person. Care and Share is also the Charity of Choice this year for the Breakfast Club.

General Announcements

Guests today included Martin Paul with Airstream Mechanical and Vaughn with Wallace William Joseph Communications.

Today Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000 endorsed Dwight Buccholz with TD Canada Trust.

Sue Brooks with Eclectic Thinking endorsed Vaughn with William Joseph Communications.

Patti Schweighardt with The Radisson endorsed Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000.

Speaker | 5 Club Members did a Mini Speech on their business

Joe Schmidt with CarStar Collision

Joe has two locations on the east side and the north end and employs about 16 people. His technicians continually update their training on a yearly basis. They now have waterboard paint available which is environmentally friendly and has better durability.

Claude Marcotte with Caleb Management

They provide retirement communities throughout western Canada and Ontario. In June the new Kindersley Retirement Condo Unit will be unveiled. With the market the condos are a mix of rentals and purchased condo units. This spring they will be announcing a new development in Humboldt and they are proposing the retirement communities to many places in Saskatchewan including Weyburn, Moosimin.

Brenda Thomsen with Harvest Brewing

They have three stores in total in Saskatoon, Regina and Edmonton. They have been in business for 26 years and they sell wine products, and beer kits. They also provide good service and advice with experienced staff.

Don Klassen with Crestview Auto Service

Don has been in business for 25 years. With the Toyota recall they have noticed that Toyota is losing their edge in the market place that they had well established. They sell cars, trucks and motorhomes as well as service and maintenance. His technicians are ASE Certified and have been awarded for Auto Service Excellence.

Mike Jenkins with In Play Consulting

Specializes in tourism, sports and recreation marketing. Mike helps with sponsorships, websites, database management. Mike currently works with some of the golf courses.

Sergeant at Arms

Brenda fined a few people for various reasons

Hidden Hand

Lyle Bauer was hidden hand and handed out fines

Pot of Gold Winner

Clint Thomas

Other Business


Next Meeting

2010-02-24 (7:22 a.m.)

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