News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

January 27 2010

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

1st reading for new member Keith Moen with NSBA.

If anyone has any dues please give to Jerry Weninger with 77 Signs or mail to 722 Breakfast Club.

Darren McDonald regretfully announced his resignation due to his work schedule.

Jack Rudolph is looking for speakers if you are interested or know someone who would be please let him know.

Devin Fraess was an alternate for Jerry with 77 Signs.

Greg White with McFaull Consulting brought Martin Paul with Airstream Mechanical as a guest.

Heather filled in for Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000.

Social Announcements

Reminder of the Blades Night tonight in the Sasktel Box.

General Announcements

Dwight Buccholz with TD Canada Trust endorsed Patty Schweighardt with the Radisson.

Greg White with McFaull Consulting endorsed Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000.

Keith Gudmundson with Remax Realty endorsed Perry Schwark with Coast Wholesale Appliances.

Keith Moen announced the NSBA 13th Annual Business Awards on March 16th.

Jeff Sharp with Colony Coffee brought coffee samples for anyone who wants them, as well as some coffee door prizes that were selected.

Len Romanski with Foster Shoes announced the 30th Anniversary sale with items as much as 30% off.

Speaker | Depesh Parmer with Picatic

Depesh gave us an overview of Social Media and the advantages it can have for your business. Web 2.0 is different applications that failitate social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Utube etc. Facebook is a free social networking site with over 350 Million users. For low cost involved businesses can advertise to their specific demographic and only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Depesh has used the website to launch or announce events, hiring and advertising. Twitter is similar in that it is a very short version of tracking a business or person throughout the day to keep in touch or be aware of what they are up to. Other examples of social networking sites are Flicker, Kijiji or LinkedIn.

Sergeant at Arms

Brenda Thomsen fined anyone that has or is planning a trip to somewhere warm this winter as well as those who were late.

Hidden Hand

Lyle Burkell was hidden hand and had fined quite a few people.

Pot of Gold Winner

Perry Schwark with Coast Wholesale

Other Business


Next Meeting

2010-02-10 (7:22 a.m.)

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