News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

November 25 2009

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Keith Moen announced that he will be leaving his position at Sunrise Publishing effective January 15 2010 to work with the North Saskatchewan Businesss Association in Saskatoon as their Executive Director. He will start there right away on a part time basis. For more info see

Keith Moen is asking members to email him with nominations for 722 member of the year. The winner will be announced at the Dec 16 Christmas luncheon so please get your nominations in ASAP. Thanks.

Jack Rudolph is looking for speakers in January or February. Call him if you are willing to speak.

Social Announcements

Keith Moen reminded us that the second meeting in December is the Christmas luncheon on December 16th so don't show up at the hotel the 4th Wednesday in December. Check the "social" page on our website for more details.

General Announcements

We started out the morning with a photograph being taken by Milt Taylor in support of Jeff Sharp's upcoming Olympic trials. After the photo everyone had to introduce the person sitting to their right.

Various members thanked others for their services: Jack thanked Jana. Darren thanked Rick, Sharon and Giselle. Victor thanked Darlene. Jeff thanked everyone for the support in his curling endeavours. Sharon thanked Randy. Depesh thanked Dr Don and Patty. Pete thanked Sharon and Greg.

Various other members made announcements about their businesses but unfortunately my typing thumbs were not quick enough to record them.

Speaker | Giselle Howard & Joanne | SaskTel

Giselle Howard and Joanne from the SaskTel Store were today's speakers. SaskTel has recently announced an upgrade to their wireless system. Over the years, their products have expanded very quickly. By 2010 they will be running 3 different networks, offering different speeds and quality of transmission depending on the area of the province. International roaming will be more convenient when SaskTel customers travel out of the country and wireless transmission speeds will improve. Their older parts of their system, the analog portion, will be discontinued in mid- 2010.

In October 2009 SaskTel entered into a new relationship with Bell. It allows them to increase their buying power through access to a larger purchasing network and in turn Bell customers visiting Saskatchewan will use the SaskTel network which means advantages for both. Seimens Electonics and Nokia will be working with SaskTel on their system upgrade in 2010.

Joanne from the SaskTel Store spoke about Blackberry's security advantage and a few other features with Blackberry. Blackberry phones also compress data better than most other systems. With handsfree legislation coming into effect January 1 2010 SaskTel is selling a large volume of Bluetooth devices. They have promotions on right now for specials and savings.

SaskTel had a prize draw at the end. The winners were Shoshana Dempsey and Joe Schmidt.

Sergeant at Arms

Joe Schmidt fined people for arriving late and various other reasons.

Hidden Hand

Perry Schwark fined Rick and Shoshana

Pot of Gold Winner

Jack Rudolph donated it our Christmas Charity.

Other Business


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