News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

October 28 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Election Day!

There will be no fines today because of the Election, or speaker. Todays meeting is also closed to guests. Lyle Bauer will act as election officer for todays election.

Sue Brooks with Eclectic endorsed Jason McKeen with Sine Dole.

Giselle with Sasktel endorsed Darlene Daniliw with Mr Print.

Greg White with McFaul Consulting endorsed Jana Ellis with Bill's House of Flowers.

Jack has a speaker for the xmas lunch which will be a spokesperson for the Childrens Health Foundation.

Aaron Johnson with Saskatoon Therapuetic Massage has resigned his membership.

An email was sent out for everyone on the committee to fill out an accountability and procedure form for their current position to be included in a database for the committee.

Social Announcements

Laura Dutka announced the Annual Wishful Thinking Event at Paramount Day Spa on Nov 18th. They will be pulling out the winter collection.

Brenda Thomsen with Harvest Brewing announced their Annual Winetasting event on Nov 20th.

Sharon announced Family Bowling night ob Saturday Nov 14th at Eastview Bowl. Cost is $20 per person,which includes shoe rental, pizza and bowling. Pizza served at 6pm bowling from 7-930pm. Please notifiy Sharon if you will be attending she needs to confirm the number of people in advance.

General Announcements

Lyls Burkell is reommending that everyone gets the H1/N1 Vaccine.

Sue Brooks announced The Radio Music Hall event at Knox United Church Nov 5-7th at 7:30pm tickets available at McNally Books for $15.

Speaker | 722 Elections

Official results for the election are as follows.

  • President 2010 Dwight Buccholz
  • Vice President 2010 Giselle Howard
  • Secretary 2010 Jack Rudolph
  • Membership 2010 Mike Jenkins
  • Assistant Membership 2010 Ken Suchan
  • Social Director 2010 Sharon Kaendo
  • Assistant Social 2010 shared by Darlene Daniliw and Milton Taylor
  • Sargent at Arms 2010 Brenda Thomsen
  • Golf Co Ordinator 2010 John Ross
  • Assistant Golf CoOrdinator 2010 Pete Thompson

    All positions are to commence on January 1, 2010.

    Sergeant at Arms

    No fines today

    Hidden Hand

    Keri Schaeffer, no one was fined

    Pot of Gold Winner

    Pete Thompson

    Other Business


    Next Meeting

    2009-11-12 (7:22 a.m.)

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