News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

September 23 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Guests today included Robin Purcell brought by Patti Schweighardt with the Radisson and Shaylene Gudmundson brought by Keith Gudmundson with Remax Realty, Shelly Turner brought by Giselle Howard with Sasktel and Monica Thomas as an alternate for Clint Thomas of Blinds Unlimited.

Jack is in need of speakers between now and Christmas.

Keith Moen announced elections to be held in approximately 5 weeks for the clubs' committee.

Rememberance Day is on wed Nov 11th this year and out of respect the breakfast club will meet on Thursday Nov 12th instead, same time same place.

Reminder that in December the meeting on Dec 16th will be a luncheon instead of breakfast.

The 722 committee is looking into a membership for retired past members who would want to attend meetings and participate in events.

Social Announcements

Scott Mamer announced that golf is tentatively scheduled for Sept 30, 2009, weather and attendance permitting.

Laura Dutka with Paramount Day Spa reminded everyone interested in attending the Luncheon En Vogue that tickets are available at the spa and also the Sexual Assault Centre.

Sue Brooks with Eclecthink International is having a Business Creativity workshop.

General Announcements

Jack Rudolph with Mansize Menswear announced the launch for their new website.

Rick Carlson is in charge of updating the 722 Breakfast Club website and does a wonderful job!

Endorsements today went to Jana with Bills House of Flowers from Patti with the Radisson. Joe Schmidt with Carstar Collision endorsed Greg White with McFaull Consulting. Cheryl Tuck-Taillon with T2 Solutions endorsed Depesh Parmar with Picatic. Jana Ellis with Bills House of Flowers endorsed Jason McKeen with SIne Dolore Consulting. Keith Moen with Sunrise Publishing endorsed Patti Schweighardt with the Radisson. Lyle Bauer with Cherry Insurance endorsed Don Klassen with Crestview Auto and Shaylene Gudmundson endorsed Gerry Weninger with 77 Signs.

Len Romanski with Foster Shoes has savings on running shoes, save $50 New brand Balance sale on until Sept 30.

Speaker | Milton Taylor with Imagery Photography

Milton has been involved with the 722 Breakfast club since its conception along with Clarence Munchinsky. He joined for the fun enjoyment and laughter that comes along with having a good time with good people not to mention the referrals from club members.

Milton graduated from photography in 1973 and has since seen the advancements in todays' technology to compliment his work with an understanding of the dimensions of photgraphy. Programs such as photoshop are meant to be used as tools to help a photographer not do the work for them. Gold metallic paper is a new development for pictures which gives them a sheen and can be wrapped around so there is no need of a frame.

Milton has had two wonderful ladies, Brenda and Betty, assist or aid him in his business and their work is invaluable to Milton. Despite being color blind Milton has had great success in photgraphy and loves what he does and encourages everyone to have a family portrait taken. A Photogragh stops time.

Sergeant at Arms

Joe Drill Sergeant Schmidt fined almost everyone.

Hidden Hand

Claude Marcotte was the healthy hand and fined both Keri Schaeffer and Laura Dutka

Pot of Gold Winner

Patti Schweighardt

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-10-14 (7:22 a.m.)

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