News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

September 09 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Lyle Bauer with Cherry Insurance brought Murray Gould with Family Cleaners as a guest.

Hand sanitizer is now available for use at the check in table for precaution against flues and colds as a result of H1/N1 flue virus.

The hidden hand is now to be known as the Healthy Hand.

Social Announcements

Golfing is scheduled and will be more informal for better turn out.

General Announcements

Jack Rudolph with the Squire shop endorsed Lyle Burkell with Saskatoon Funeral Home.

Giselle Howard with SaskTel endorsed Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel.

Joe Schmidt with Carstar Collision endorsed Scott Mamer with Jubilee Ford and Clarence Munchinsky with Property Enhancement Group.

Brenda Thomsen with Harvest Brewing endorsed Keri Schaeffer with Brigadier Security and Clint Thomas with Blinds Unlimited.

Lyle Burkell with Saskatoon Funeral Home endorsed Giselle Howard with Sasktel.

Ken Suchan with Colliers McClocklin endorsed Giselle Howard with Sasktel and Dwight Buccholz with TD Canada Trust endorsed Clint Thomas with Blinds Unlimited.

Speaker | Keith Gudmundson with Remax Realty

Keith has 30 years experience as a real estate agent in Saskatoon. Keith is originally from Turtleford. The market for buying and selling homes is not much different from when Keith bought his first home in 1982. It is still very difficult for the 1dt time home buyer to get in on the market. The cost of an average house is Saskatoon right now is at $279,000 which is below last years average price of $297,000. The amount of listings available can cause home buyers to get into bidding wars just due to the limited availability of homes on the market during peak and down times.

Realtors have gotten better at what they do, due to their experience. Young realtors find it tought to break into the real estate business. The city has had significant growth and have available lots of reserved land for development. The new area under development in Saskatoon called Evergreen is targeted with high denisty of homes. It is anticipated that 2010 will provide growth for Saskatoon.

Sergeant at Arms

Joe fined just about everyone including Quinn and Dr Don for wearing shorts.

Hidden Hand

Patty Schweighardt fined Shoshana Dempsey.

Pot of Gold Winner

Milton Taylor

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-09-23 (7:22 a.m.)

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