News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

June 24 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

No proposed new members.

This the last meeting for summer break until August 26th.

3rd reading for Jason Mckeen with Sine Dolore IT Consulting.

Social Announcements

Social event Night at the Horse races is scheduled for July 24th email to follow with more details.

Pasture Golf is scheduled for Friday August 14th at Laura and Henry Dutkas'. $7.50 is required for attendance and please bring a snack, salad or dessert. Guests are welcome.

General Announcements

SaskBusiness subscription deal offered to 722 members for a flat fee of $25 taxes included.

SaskOpen Sponsorship Opportunities on July 6 to 12 with speaker Hugh Vassos

Speaker | Not Available

Not Available

Sergeant at Arms

Joe fined almost everyone as usual

Hidden Hand

Not Available

Pot of Gold Winner

Not Available

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-08-26 (7:22 a.m.)

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