News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

May 13 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Patti Schweighardt with the Radisson and Laura Dutka with Paramount Day Spa endorsed Jana with Bill's House of Flowers.

Shoshauna with Locomotion endorsed Crestview Auto and Gerry with Seventy-Seven Signs.

Sue Brooks with Eclecthink International endorsed Lyle Bauer with Cherry Insurance.

Jeff Sharp with Colony Coffee endorsed Jack Rudolph with the Squire Shop.

Milton Taylor with Imagery Photography endorsed Jeff Sharp with Colony Coffee.

Giselle Howard with Sasktel endorsed Patti Schweighardt with the Radisson and Rick Carlson with Cuelenare Kendall.

Lyle Burkell with Saskatoon Funeral Home endorsed Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000.

Keith Moen with Sunrise Publishing endorsed Jack Rudolph with The Squire Shop.

Sharon Kaendo with Leisure Travel 2000 endorsed Giselle Howard with Sasktel.

Gerry Weninger with Seventy-Seven Signs endorsed Clint Thomas with Blinds

Social Announcements

Scott Mamer with Jubilee Ford made mention of a golf tournament on June 24th tee time at 12:30pm. Cheryl Tuck-Taillon with T2 Solutions sponsored with Hole In One.

Depesh with PicATic made mention of The Top of the Hops held Thurs to Sat next week at Prairieland Exhibition. Tickets are $24-$27. There are complimentary tickets available for Thursday. Friday there will be a jazz & wine Charaz pairing and saturday there will be a celebrity chef. Depesh is also launching his new website on Friday join for the celebration in a private room $15 per person. Sharon Kaendo made mention of upcoming events such as horse racing July 24th at Marquis Downs as well as a Pasture BBQ on August 14th and a Bowling and Pizza night on either Nov 4th or 6th.

General Announcements

Milton Taylor with Imagery Photography has a promotion on for pets during the month of may with donations going to the SPCA.

Dwight Buchholz with TD Canada Trust made mention of the Junior Achievement Golf Tournament.

Giselle Howard with Sasktel has available one day passes for the Sask Open.

Dr. Don made recognition of Dave Volk as a past member of the club.

Quinn made mention of the Kinsmen Home Lotto.

Aaron Johnson with Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage needs recommendation to someone who does home inspection and landscaping.

Speaker | Hugh Vassos with Vassos Marketing Group

Hugh is involved in sports tourism. It is a measure of economic impact that an event can have. The World Junior Hockey is projected to to provide a 25 million dollar economic impact in Saskatchewan. The bid to host sports events are world wide and Saskatchewan is now competing with world greats such as China and United States. Bids can take place anywhere from 2 to 10 years in advance and Saskatchewan is very agressive in bidding for events and because of this more and more people are becoming aware of Saskatchewan and what it has to offer with our cultural activites included.

The Saskatoon media does a wonderful job in promoting events held in Saskatchewan including the World Junior ticket day. There have been four million dollars in sponsorship for the World Juniors from local businesses and corporations.

Other upcoming events include the World Softball Championships June 17-26 as well as the Canadian Golf Tour sponsored by Dakota Dunes July 6-12.

Sergeant at Arms

Joe Schmidt fined Greg White, Jack Rudolph, Clarence Munchinski, as well as Patti Depesh and Dwight.

Hidden Hand

Milton Taylor

Pot of Gold Winner

Patti Scheiwghardt

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-05-27 (7:22 a.m.)

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