News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

March 11 2009

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

A second reading took place for our proposed new member, Keith Gudmundson of Re/Max Realty.

Keith Moen announced that Ian Mercer of Bridge City ChemDry will be letting his membership lapse.

Jack Rudolph is seeking speakers for April - June 2009. Please consider volunteering.

Social Announcements

Patty Schweighardt announced a Mystery Dinner taking place on Thursday, April 2nd. Participants will go to 3 unnamed downtown locations for 3 distinct stages of the meal. A sign-up list was circulated during the meeting. Contact Patty if you want to add your name to the list. Guests are permitted, of course.

Sharon Kaendo announced that May 2nd (Saturday evening) is our 25th Anniversary Celebration Social Event. It will be a social and meal followed by a casino night at the Riverside Golf & Country Club. If you know of past club members, please send their name and contact information to Sharon Kaendo, Greg White, Milt Taylor or Patty Schweighardt so they can compile a list and ensure that only one invitation goes out to each past member. The organizing committee is also looking for old club photos.

April 15 (Wed) will be a "Choir Practice" organized by Gerry Weninger and Joe Schmidt at the Great West Brewery.

General Announcements


Speaker | Keith Moen and Gerry Weninger | Review of Financial Statements and Budget

Keith and Gerry presented the 2008 balance sheet and statement of income and expenses. At December 31 2008, we had approximately $3,000.00 in the bank and another $9,000.00 (approx) in a GIC, together with a small amount of accounts receivable for unpaid membership dues. It totals around $12,000.00.

Our 2008 income exceeded our expenses by $363.00 so we ran a balanced budget last year.

Our 2009 budget predicts a $600.00 surplus.

A motion was made by Joe Schmidt, seconded by Sue Brooks to accept the 2008 Financial Report and the 2009 Budget. The motion was approved.

Sergeant at Arms

Not recorded. Sorry, I had to leave early.

Hidden Hand

Not recorded. Had to leave early.

Pot of Gold Winner

Scott Mamer ... $8.00

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-03-25 (7:22 a.m.)

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