News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

January 28 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Darrell Boldt resigned from 722 Breakfast club. Gerry Weninger is accepting cheques for members' dues. Dues can also be mailed in.

Social Announcements

There are still a few spots open for the Blades game on Feb 6th see Sharon Kaendo to sign up. The sign up sheet was also passed around.

The date is set for the clubs' 25th Anniversary Gala to be held on May 2nd.

General Announcements

Rick Wrubelski with Mr Print is retiring in March of this year.

Jack needs speakers for March if anyone is interested please let him know.

Keith Moen with Sunrise Publishing endorsed Patti Schweighardt with the Radisson.

Dwight Buchholz with TD Canada Trust endorsed Vic with Boryski's Butcher Shop

Gerry Weninger with 77 Signs thanked Jana Ellis with Bill's House of Flowers, Jack Rudolph with the Squire Shop and Lyle Burkell with Saskatoon Funeral Home.

Laura Dutka with Paramount Day Spa announced that Valentine Day Packages are now available. Paramount is also hosting an Antiaging Seminar in March and has a discount on facial series.

Speaker | Aaron Johnson with Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage Centre

Aaron has been married for seven years now and grew up in the Asquith area. Aaron played ball and rugby where he developed back problems and can attest to the benefits of therapeutic massage. By divine intervention and a dislike for manual labor Aaron became a Registered Massage Therapist. Aaron has been trained in therapeutic massage by John Barnes who has practiced these techniques since 1950.

Myofascial Release is a safe and gentle technique that applies sustained pressure to eliminate pain, headaches and restore motion. People who have experienced similar techniques have expressed that it hurt or that there was too much pressure applied, which is not always effective.

Fascia is tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body. The tissue is a single densely woven covering similar to that of a sweater. It is relaxed and has the ability to stretch. When people experience trauma the fascia loses its flexibility and becomes tight which then provides a source of tension on the body. The fascial system has tensile properties capable of withstanding 2000lbs per square inch.

When a person undergoes physical and emotional distress dehydration of the fascia occurs, water is pushed out of the tissue and becomes less flexible and knotted. When applying myofascial work the therapist works on increasing the electrical potential which attracts water molecules thus rehydrating. This is not something that can be cured in one visit however over time many people attest to the benefits of lesser pain or no pain at all. This is something that everyone can learn to do at home and it is encouraged to use it as a means of preventive measures to keep your body healthy. Aaron and everyone at Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage can help with a variety of issues such as neck and back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, disc problems females problems and even chronic fatigue syndrome. Aaron encourages everyone to give it a try. Sessions last for 1 hour the first visit will start with a brief assessment followed by hands on work.

Sergeant at Arms

Joe Schmidt fined Dwight Buccholz , Lyle Bauer, Jack Rudolph and everyone not wearing lace up shoes.

Hidden Hand

Barry Frank fined two people who were late.

Pot of Gold Winner

Claude Marcotte

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-02-11 (7:22 a.m.)

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