News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

January 14 2009

Submitted by Keri Schaeffer

Executive Announcements

Dwight Buchholz introduced himself as the new Vice President of the 722 Breakfast Club.

Social Announcements

Sharon Kaendo our new Social Director announced a social tentatively booked for May 2nd to celebrate the clubs' 25th Anniversary.

Reminder for the Blades game on February 6th. There are 21 spots available in the SaskTel corporate box courtesy of Giselle Howard. Limited to one guest per member depending upon availability. Sharon passed around a sign up sheet.

Joe Schmidt & Gerry Weininger announced a beer social at Great West Brewery on April 15th starting at 7pm to 9pm.

General Announcements

Invoices for 2009 Membership Dues were handed out. A gentle reminder that fees should be paid within 30 days. There has been a slight increase due to operating costs.

Giselle Howard asked members to contact her in the event you can't attend a meeting or if you want to bring a guest.

Claude Marcotte made a suggestion in regards to the membership directory and how it was outlined.

Dwight Buchholz reminded us of the pamphlet that was passed out to the members for the Traders' Luncheon with Mike Duffy on Monday February 2, 2009. Contact Picatic for tickets.

Sharon Kaendo endorsed Keith Moen with Sunrise Publishing.

Rodney Spork endorsed Scott Mamer with Jubilee Ford.

Darren McDonald gave thanks to Giselle Howard and SaskTel tech support for help with his blackberry.

Keith Moen thanked Jana with Bill's House of Flowers as well as Lyle Burkell with Saskatoon Funeral Home for their service.

Claude Marcotte thanked Joe Schmidt with Carstar Collision and Dr Don.

Milton Taylor endorsed Aroma's at the Radisson Hotel for a function he held there and also Vic with Boryski's for a wonderful steak.

Gerry with Seventy-Seven Signs also thanked Vic.

Speaker | Greg White with McFaull Consulting & Dwight Buchholz with TD Canada Trust

Greg and Dwight joined forces to introduce the new Federal Tax Free Savings Account.

It has been awhile since the government has introduced something new, not since RRSP's. It is understood that most people don't feel comfortable with spending money unless they have a savings plan. The new savings plan was introduced in 2008 by the Federal Government.

A TFSA is a registered account similar to an RRSP with some beneficial differences. Any investment income earned grows tax free.

To be eligible you must be age of majority and have a social insurance number. Everyone is permitted to contribute up to $5000 per year, however the Government can adjust the permitted amount which can vary. There is unlimited carry-forward of unused contributions and money can also be re-contributed with amounts that were previously withdrawn.

There is no impact on income benefits such as GST Credit or Child Tax Benefits. Upon death assets are tax free and can rollover to a spouses' TFSA. Only a spouse can be a successor to the TFSA. Tax-free transfer is also available to a spouses' TFSA upon seperation or divorce and a TFSA can also be maintained even if you become a non-resident however no new contributions would be permitted.

Sergeant at Arms

Many fines were handed out for being late, having no facial hair and a special fine for Jack and Dwight for changing the breakfast rules.

Hidden Hand

Victor Boryski

Pot of Gold Winner

John Ross

Other Business


Next Meeting

2009-01-28 (7:22 a.m.)

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