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December 10 2008

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

A third reading was held and Aaron Johnson of Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage was declared a member of the 722 Breakfast Club.

Greg White asked that present executive members contact their replacements for 2009 and pass on any necessary information and material so that the transition can be done smoothly.

Social Announcements

Brenda reviewed the arrangements for our Christmas Social on Wed Dec 17th. The bar opens at 11:30 a.m. Lunch is "noonish", but probably a bit earlier rather than late. Our speaker will be at 12:20 followed by awards and gifts so everyone can go back to work by 1:00. Parking underground at the hotel is free on a first come first served basis. The lunch is subsidized. Drinks are at regular bar prices. Donations will go to Tree of Plenty. Bring a prize or two, please.

General Announcements

Member endorsements: Jack R thanked Jana Ellis, Joe S thanked Jana Ellils, Keith M thanked Don Johnson, Rick W thanked Patty Schweighart, Cheryl T thanked Ian Mercer, Perry S thanked Joe Schmidt, Patty S thanked Quinn Magnuson.

Speaker | Depesh Parmer - Picatic and Boom Music

Depesh was born and raised in Saskatoon. He graduated from the U of S with a Commerce Degree and is considering going to the U of R in September 2009 to obtain his MBA. He and his brother work with his father who operates Elgon Petroleum. They build gas stations and car washes in Saskatchewan. Depesh and a partner also operate Boom Music doing audio visual & music for Christmas functions, weddings, graduations, etc. He also operates Picatic which is an online ticket broker selling tickets to concerts, conferences and whatever else you might want to sell on an organized basis. It can take the selling, organizational and paperwork load off your shoulders whenever you are organizing something. Picatic sells tickets for small and medium size events at a reasonable cost and thus they don't compete directly with Ticketmaster. Costs are a fraction of what it would be with Ticketmaster. They don't have the software or ability, at present, to sell tickets where seat numbers are assigned by the ticket, though. They have an online calculator on their home page for those wishing to get an estimate of the costs involved.

Depesh has been involved with various charitable organizations. He just completed a term as past president of the Parkinson Foundation.

Sergeant at Arms

Don Johnson let us all off the hook.

Hidden Hand

Rick Wrubleski fined Barry, Don, Len, Laura and Randy.

Pot of Gold Winner

Barry Frank

Other Business


Next Meeting

2008-12-17 (7:22 a.m.)

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