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October 08 2008

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Keith Moen confirmed the announcement from our last meeting that we will no longer use Tips and Lead sheets. Instead, we will self-promote verbally at our regular meetings. As a result, the Tips and Leads Statistics page will no longer appear on the club website.

A first reading was announced for Mike Jenkins as a member in a new capacity with Jenkins Marketing & Communications.

Our next meeting on October 22 2008 is for Executive Elections. This is a closed meeting and guests are not permitted. All members are invited to put their names forward for election to a position on the executive. Jack Rudolph reminds us that not all positions are up for election. Some are 2 year positions and they only come up every second year. More information will appear on this page shortly.

Social Announcements

Cheryl Tuck-Tallon circulated a sign-up sheet for the October 24 Wine Tasting Social to be hosted by Brenda Thomsen.

General Announcements

Jack Rudolph had an opening joke.

Today's guests were Heather Whyte & Curtis Elmy from Atmosphere Interior Design, Darren Sheer and also Aaron Johnson of Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage.

Member Endorsements: Sharon Kaendo thanked Lyle Bauer. Jeff Sharp thanked Don Johnson. Laura Dutka thanked Lyle Bauer and Ken Suchan.

Speaker | Sharon Kaendo | Leisure Travel 2000 Inc.

Sharon has been a member of our breakfast club since 1999. She is married to Fritz. They have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Sharon opened Leisure Travel in 2000. Previously, she had worked for various other travel agencies in Saskatoon.

Leisure Travel 2000 focuses on personal travel arrangements and vacation packages, although they also do some business travel bookings. A growing travel area is group travel for various reasons such as family wedding celebrations, photo tours, etc. Some holiday destinations that have been popular recently are Peru, Costa Rica, the Galapogos Islands, South East Asia plus the traditional destinations such as Hawaii and Mexico. Europe is becoming a choice destination even in the winter season. There are also theme holidays such as an art, wine and food tour in Italy.

Sharon thanked existing clients and welcomes new ones. She answered various travel related questions. She also had 4 gifts that were drawn for. The winners were Ian Mercer, Keith Moen, Perry Schwark and Monica Thomas.

Sergeant at Arms

Don Johnson gave us all a holiday on fines today.

Hidden Hand

None. Someone will be appointed for the next meeting.

Pot of Gold Winner

Scott Mamer

Other Business


Next Meeting

2008-10-22 (7:22 a.m.)

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