News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

March 12 2008

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Keith Moen briefly reviewed the survey results arranged by Darren McDonald. Members want more personalized referrals and networking.

Greg White has updated our club brochure.

Keith Moen mentioned that members should strive to arrive on time for meetings so we can have a more punctual start. That also allows people to leave on time for their work commitments.

Social Announcements

Sharon Kaendo's social event at the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club on Saturday March 8 was a success. The special entertainment was a jazz duo performance.

Ken Suchan will be working with Milt Taylor to set up a golf tournament for the club in June 2008.

General Announcements

Member infomercials and endorsements.

Speaker | Cheryl Tuck-Tallon | T2 Solutions Inc.

Cheryl has been in the breakfast club for approximately 10 years. She has also been married to her husband, Keith, for 10 years. She has her HR Designation out of the University of Dalhousie. She worked as an advisor for insurance companies for several years and then decided to do the same thing for herself. Thus the birth of T2 Solutions Inc. Cheryl said thank you to several people who have encouraged and helped her along the way.

Employees have changed a lot over the recent years. A benefit plan is now an essential for any employer in order to attract and retain employees. Some employers even advertise it. Over the last few years, the employee contribution to the plan has gone down and the employer portion has gone up. 3-5% of an employee's income is a typical amount for the employer to pay. It will be more if there is a pension plan.

Employers don't know how to select an insurance benefits package, set it up or manage it. They also don't have the time and doing it themselves is not cost effective. That's where Cheryl comes in. She can also set up a plan where the employee has a discretionary amount that they can use towards a particular type of coverage that they want. The discretionary amount may increase for each completed year of service with the employer. She calls it a 123 Flex Plan. She can set up a plan for a business of 1 or many.

Cheryl also paints and has donated many paintings to help raise money for charities. She had a draw for 2 Wendel Clark prints that she had painted.

Sergeant at Arms

Don Johnson levied 3 or 4 fines.

Hidden Hand

Keith Moen fined 3 members.

Pot of Gold Winner

Pete Thompson

Other Business


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2008-03-26 (7:22 a.m.)

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