News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

February 27 2008

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Susan Brooks gave invoices to members for our $300.00 annual dues plus $15 GST.

Social Announcements

Sharon Kaendo circulated a sign-up sheet for the club social on Saturday March 8 2008 at the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club. Tickets are $40 per person for a member and first guest. 2nd and 3rd guests (the max) are $45 each. In addition to the supper and social, Sharon has arranged entertainment for the evening.

General Announcements

Infomercials by club members.

Speaker | Rick Wrubleski | Mister Print

Rick has been involved in the printing business since around 1971. Shortly after graduating from high school, he began working for Federated Co-op. He started in their mail room and eventually migrated to their printing department. He later moved to Consolidated Graphics and worked there for 10 years, first on binding and then on sales. His next move was to Mister Print. He started as a customer service representative. The business was started by Wes and Will Boldt. In 1977 they were bought out by Print West. They have 3 locations ... Print West in Regina and on Millar Ave in Saskatoon, plus the Mister Print location on 8th Street East. Mister Print can produce quality printed products due to their high end digital printing equipment. Rick says that high volume print jobs are not as common as before. Customers can order quantities that they need and re-order as supplies run low, eliminating the storage problems associated with large bulk orders and giving customers more flexibility if something needs to be changed. Last year they became FSE certified which means that they handle material in a more environmentally sensitive matter.

Rick had a draw for 2 Boston Pizza certificates plus some cookbooks. Thanks Rick!

Sergeant at Arms

Jack Rudolph filled in for Don Johnson who was away.

Hidden Hand

Sue Brooks - only 1 person missed shaking her hand.

Pot of Gold Winner

Victor Boryski

Other Business


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