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February 13 2008

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Greg White, Vice-President reviewed the club financial statements and 2008 budget with us. The club is in a good financial position. We had a higher than usual net income last year largely due to some existing members who had paid up their membership and then did not attend meetings and consume meals.

We have approximately $14,000.00 in the bank. This will help for some time in the future when finances are not as rosy. It is considered normal for a non-profit corporation to have approximately 1 year's worth of expenses in savings. Our annual expenses are currently between $15-16,000.00.

Sue Brooks, Treasurer will be sending 2008 invoices out to members later this month. The membership fee will remain again at $315.00 plus GST.

Keith Moen, President, talked about new memberships. For the present time the club will waive the breakfast fee for a member bringing a prospective new member or visiting VIP to breakfast. Keith also spoke of increasing the networking aspect of our club. Attendance has not been enforced sufficiently in the past and should be in the future. If 3 meetings are missed in row or 25% of meetings are missed in a 6 month period, a person's membership is in jeopardy and must be reviewed by the executive.

Darren McDonald, Membership, passed out copies of the club survey so that those who did not complete it online could do so today.

Greg White also had draft informational pamphlets on each table that will be refined for club use.

Social Announcements

Sharon Kaendo announced a Club Supper & Social to take place Saturday March 8 2008 at the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club. Tickets are $40 per person for a member and first guest. 2nd and 3rd guests (the max) are $45 each. In addition to the supper and social, the club will be putting together some form of entertainment for the evening.

General Announcements


Speaker | Financial Review & Other Matters | Greg White, Sue Brooks & Keith Moen

Please see the above executive announcements. This was the topic for today's presentation.

Sergeant at Arms

Don Johnson. Travel fines to those who have been away recently and late arrival fines.

Hidden Hand

Nicola Lawson probably achieved a club record in fining people who forgot to shake her hand.

Pot of Gold Winner

Rick Wrubleski

Other Business


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