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December 19 2007

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Several awards were given today including (I didn't take notes so if someone can help correct or complete this, I'd really appreciate it. Just send an email to Rick Carlson):
  • Best Attendance: Don Johson
  • Best Club Supporter/Patronage: Rodney Spork
  • Member of the Year: Rick Carlson
Although this did not take place at the meeting, Jeff Sharpe of Colony Coffee has made it known that he will be too busy travelling for curling and thus unable to carry out the job of Vice-President for the club next year. By consensus of the executive, Greg White will take his place. Greg has graciously accepted.

Social Announcements


General Announcements


Speaker | Rick Carlson | Cuelenaere Kendall

This year's Christmas charity for the club is Rick & Trang Carlson's Vietnam Project. Rick and Trang travel to visit her family in Vietnam every year or two. Prior to leaving for their trip, they raise money which has in the past been used to provide food and other benefits for an orphange at Nha Trang City, disadvantaged seniors living in a compound at the orphanage, and also for ethnic minority people who live in the rural areas of Vietnam. Rick had a slide show so that people could see what has been done in the past. This year, Trang will be going there again but Rick will stay in Saskatoon with his son. Trang will take the funds raised by the club and use it for similar purposes and to purchase bicycles to enable ethnic minority children attend school. Because schools are a great distance away, they can only attend if they have a bicycle. Rick will provide a report at a later meeting after Trang returns.

The club was pleased to announce that including a contribution by the club, a total of approximately $1,800.00 was raised at the luncheon. Rick and Trang wish to thank all members of the club for their kind generosity.

For more information about Rick & Trang's project, follow this link: click here

Sergeant at Arms

No fines today.

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner


Other Business


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2008-01-09 (7:22 a.m.)

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