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November 28 2007

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Today was the first reading to admit Mike Jenkins of Candle Lake Golf Course as a member. Most of you will remember Mike when he was a member of our club as a part of the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club. Welcome back, Mike!

Social Announcements

Thanks to Giselle Howard of SaskTel for arranging the recent Blades hockey night out.

Heather Whyte of Paramount Day Spa & Salon will be providing more details by the next meeting regarding our Christmas Lunch on December 19th. Please consider bringing a spouse or guest with you. Ticket prices haven't been set yet but you should contact her by Wednesday December 12, our next meeting date, if you want to reserve.

General Announcements

Infomercials by members.

Speaker | Don Klassen | Crestview Auto

Don was raised in Saskatoon and graduated from Mount Royal High School. He has been married for 27 years and has 2 sons. One is finished school and working. The other is in grade 12. Ever since high school, Don's passion has been cars. His wife is interested in horses and Don is gradually getting more involved with them also.

Don joined the 722 Breakfast Club in 2001. In 1984 he purchased an existing auto repair business. He was a franchisee for a number of years and around the year 2000 he decided to let his franchise agreement expire. He found a new place of business and carried on as Crestview Auto. His philosophy is to assist a customer to perform reqular and thorough maintenance on their vehicles so they can stay in top condition and do not become a problem.

Don says that if you keep a vehicle and follow good maintenance practices for 15 years, you can save around $30,000.00 or more, depending on the make of the vehicle, as compared to the cost of trading your vehicle in for a new model every 5 years.

After high school Don became a journeyman auto mechanic. He later upgraded his standing to Master Technician and has to get recertified every 5 years to ensure he stays on top of things. He says there is no mandatory followup over the years with a journeyman designation but there is if you want to be a Master Technician. Don is also proud of the skills of the employees who work with him.

Don says that his shop invests heavily in technical and electronic equipment so they are just as capable of performing regular maintenance and repairs on your vehicle as an auto dealership. They have a website which he says is still a work in progress. If you have your vehicle serviced through them, they will give you an access code where you can view your vehicle's maintenance and repair record via the internet. Don gave 4 vehicle first aid safety kits away at the end of his presentation.

Sergeant at Arms

Jack Rudolph

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Jack Rudolph

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2007-12-12 (7:22 a.m.)

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