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October 24 2007

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

No guests are permitted at our next meeting because of elections for a new Executive.

There has been a problem that some members have not been attending morning meetings regularly as required by our bylaws. Please remember that continued membership requires attendance. This problem is being addressed by the membership committee.

Social Announcements

Heather Whyte says that all the SaskTel Blades tickets are gone but if you have some and are unable to attend, please don't give them away to anyone. Contact Heather so they can be distributed to people first on the waiting list.

Our Christmas Lunch will be on December 19 2007. There won't be a meeting on the last Wednesday of that month. Our 2 December meetings will be December 12 (morning) and December 19 (noon).

General Announcements

Greg White mentioned that this business, McFaull Consulting has a new website at

Len Romanski also mentioned that Fosters Shoes has a website at Remember there are 2 "s"' run together in their URL.

Infomercials by Milt and Greg.

Speaker | Nicola Lawson | PickNic's Restaurant

To start her presentation in a different way, Nicola offered 8 prizes for the answers to 8 questions about herself and her business.

Nicola is a journeyman pastry chef. She started her business in the basement of CIBC and is now located at 212 - 22nd St East in Saskatoon for the last 3 years. She participates in Taste of Saskatchewan every summer. She has 7or 8 staff members. She still does wedding cakes, catering and of course has her restaurant. She primarily handles the lunch hour business. Her catering is mostly for corporate clients but she also does some private weddings. They do 6-8 catering events each day. In the summer, she does 3-5 wedding cakes each weekend.

Nicola prides herself on making food with proper ingredients ... not shortcuts.

Nicola has been with the 722 Breakfast Club for 3 years. She also belongs to the Sask Women's Network.

Sergeant at Arms

Fines by Dwight Buchholz

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Len Romanski

Other Business


Next Meeting

2007-11-14 (7:22 a.m.)

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