News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

September 26 2007

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

We had no key today for our "magician's box" containing our name tags. I guess we should have a 2nd key made! This made it a good time to have members introduce the person to their left instead of introducing ourselves at the beginning of the meeting. We also had no Tips & Lead sheets for the meeting. Remember to include them next time 2 weeks from now.

Social Announcements


General Announcements

Dwight Buchholz of TD Canada Trust is moving from the Primrose Drive branch of the TD Bank to manage their 8th Street Branch.

Speaker | Sheila Reiber | Pennco Portable Signs

Sheila and Phillip Reiber are the owners of Pennco Portable Signs. They are located at 410B Lauriston Street, Saskatoon. Telephone: 931-4894.

Sheila and Phillip have 3 children. Their business is portable sign rentals and sales. They have 3 product styles of portable signs which includes flourescent lettering as well as signs with standard lettering.

Sheila mentioned that businesses are usually not allowed to place their signs too close to the street because the first 15 feet of frontage or more is typically city property. This goes up to 45 feet in some industrial areas. Their lead time to have a sign ready is one week if graphics have been prepared in advance.

Sergeant at Arms

Dwight Buchholz levied several fines.

Hidden Hand

Heather Whyte was the hidden hand.

Pot of Gold Winner

Shoshauna of LogoMotion Promotional Products.

Other Business


Next Meeting

2007-10-10 (7:22 a.m.)

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