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September 12 2007

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements


Social Announcements

Milt reminded people of our fall Golf Tournament at the Willows starting 1:30 on Friday afternoon, September 14 2007. The fee is $90.00 and it includes the round of golf, cart and steak supper. Prizes donated by members will be given out in a "Chinese auction" fashion.

General Announcements

Various info-mercials from members including:
  • Heather Whyte - Paramount Day Spa and Global TV are working on a joint project. They are looking for someone to be a makeover candidate. The process will be filmed and aired on television at a later date. Women 19 or older are eligible for entry or nomination.
  • Len Romanski - Foster Shoes reminds people that this week they are promoting "foot care week".
  • Darren McDonald - Saskatoon Homepage told us that combining radio and internet advertising is the most effective method and that's exactly what they do.
  • Cheryl Tuck Talon - T2 Solutions is promoting their 123 Flex Program that can provide health and disabilty coverage for small businesses including those of only one person.

Speaker | Speaker - Jana Ellis | Bill's House of Flowers

Jana brought one of her employees, Barb, to help with this morning's presentation. Jana's father started Bill's House of Flowers and ran it until he passed away in 1999. Jana's mother took over the business for a short while but ended up selling it to Jana a few months later. Jana has been the owner of the business since then. Their store, which is located on Broadway Avenue, will be undergoing renovations shortly.

Bill's House of Flowers specializes in flowers, of course, but they also sell chocolates and gift balloons.

Jana actually has 2 degrees which she was planning to pursue until she got caught up in the flower business. She has a degree in Kinesiology and Education. I for one didn't know exactly what kinesiology is so I looked it up. Here's one definition stolen from the web: "The scientific study of man's movement and the movements of implements or equipment that he might use in exercise, sport or other forms of physical activity."

Jana's suppliers are mainly from Vancouver but she is also trying out some US suppliers as well. She talked about longevity of flowers. She says that they should last at least 7 days. Good roses should last 7-10 days. If they don't she encourages you to speak to the shop wherever they came from. Her policy is to always replace them if they have not lasted as they should. She also talked about arranging for delivery of flowers in other cities. She suggests calling a florist in the other city directly instead of using order taking companies over the internet. They keep 30% or more of the price leaving the florist with an insufficient amount to fill the order. As a result, your intended receiver of the flowers will not get the arrangement expected since the florist is being shorted on the money they need to fill the order properly.

Jana and Barb held a draw at the end of their presentation to give away 4 bouquets of flowers.

Sergeant at Arms

Several fines as usual.

Hidden Hand

Rick Carlson was the hidden hand.

Pot of Gold Winner

Sorry .. I forgot. Probably someone undeserving

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