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December 13 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

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Don't forget that our Annual Christmas Luncheon will be on Wednesday December 20th at the Radisson Hotel over the lunch hour. That means we won't have a morning meeting on December 27. Additional information will be provided by Mike Jenkins in the coming days.

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Speaker | Gordon Moker | Safe Saskatchewan

Gordon Joined the Workers' Compensation Board in 1989. Prior to that he was the president of Moker Farm Products and before that he worked for Continental Bank of Canada. Not long ago he became involved with the Workers' Compensation Board. Safe Saskatchewan is currently conducting a survey to test the safety skills of Saskatchewan residents. They want to promote the philosophy that people can be responsible for their own personal safety at work and elsewhere. Companies and communities need to invest in injury prevention. Injuries cost us approximately 13 billion dollars each year in Canada. Most are preventable. One billion of that total cost is incurred in Saskatchewan. The costs of maintaining a quadrapelegic individual is around 4-7 million dollars over the course of their remaining life expectancy.

A person is four times more likely to be injured after work rather that at work. We are five times more likely to die from an injury after work rather than during. We are all likely to suffer injury over the next five years. There are 158,000 unintentional injuries in Saskatchewan each year. The Saskatchewan rate of injury is the highest in Canada. All of this adds to the mounting costs of health care in Saskatchewan.

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Christmas Luncheon

Noon Christmas Luncheon on Wednesday December 20 2006.

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2006-12-20 (7:22 a.m.)

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