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November 22 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Our club elections were held today although positions went by acclamation. Brenda Thomsen sought additional nominations from the floor and then declared the following positions to be in effect as of January 1 2007. Congratulations and thanks to all who offered their time and thanks to Brenda for an efficiently run election .. the quickest ever:
  • Keith Moen - Vice President
  • Sue Brooks - Treasurer
  • Greg White - Secretary
  • Rick Carlson - Website and Newsletter
  • Nicola Lawson (chair) & Darren McDonald (assistant)- Membership
  • Ian Mercer, Lindsay Berglof & Heather Whyte - Social (chair to be selected amongst themselves)
  • Milton Taylor, Clint Thomas & Lyle Bauer - Golf
  • Dwight Buchholz - Sergeant at Arms

Brenda Thomsen also reminded members that December 1 2006 is the deadline for receipt of nominations for "Member of the Year".

Social Announcements

Don't forget that our Annual Christmas Luncheon will be on Wednesday December 20th at the Radisson Hotel over the lunch hour. That means we won't have a morning meeting on December 27. Additional information will be provided by Mike Jenkins in the coming days.

General Announcements

Infomercials by various members in the club.

Milt Taylor complimented Brenda | Harvest Brewing's wine recent tasting evening. We also heard good words from Brenda about Vic Boryski's attention to detail in supplying food to her recent function.

Speaker | None today Due to Elections


Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer fined Dale Grant, Jack Rudolph, Milt Taylor, Bryan Cornforth, Jeff Sharp & Dwight Buchholz.

Hidden Hand

None today

Pot of Gold Winner

Brian Dmytriw - AC Flooring

Other Business


Next Meeting

2006-12-13 (7:22 a.m.)

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