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October 11 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

The Club executive positions are up for election again in November. Please consider running for a position.

Social Announcements

Mike Jenkins spoke about our upcoming Fall Gala and Comedy Night at the Willows Golf & Country Club on October 27 2006. Please look at our social page on this website for further information.

General Announcements

Infomercials by various members in the club.

Speaker | Bev Dubois | City Councillor

Bev Dubois is our City councillor for Ward 10 which covers the Sutherland and Erindale Arbor Creek areas. By way of introduction, I have copied a portion of Bev's bio from the City of Saskatoon's website. It states: "Councillor Dubois was born and raised in Saskatoon. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and has an extensive business background with Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants, Meewasin Foundation, Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority as well as Cogema Resources."

Bev along with all other councilors are up for re-election later in October 2006. Bev wanted to tell us about some of the key initiatives that have happened in the city lately. She stated that Phase II to the Riverfront Development is about to begin again. The cranes will soon go up for the new spa hotel there. This develpment also brought in the new Galaxy Theatre on 2nd Avenue and 20th Street.

Bev is proud that Saskatoon has had much development on both sides of the city in the past year. She is pleased about the new Blairmore and Hampton Village housing areas that are being developed. There will soon be a new library in Pleasant Hill that will open in 2007. There has never been a library in that area before.

Bev is very concerned about run down and unsafe housing that need to be closed down in the city.

Bev is also proud of the new soccer centre in the city. It is superior to the facilities found in other Canadian cities. She says that she anticipates an announcement shortly that there will soon be a national soccer team based in this facility.

Bev feels that crime is the number one issue in the upcoming election. Our police services need to grow and we also are expanding our fire department due to recent city growth. She also acknowleded the recent graffiti problem in the city and especially in Ward 10. She feels it is coming more under control now. Bev also spoke briefly about other city developments such as the College Drive/Circle Drive overpass. She finished her presentation by fielding various questions about various city matters including the new South Bridge that will be built. She confirmed that it will not be running through the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club.

Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer did his thing.

Hidden Hand

Lindsay Berglof's handshake was only missed by 4 people.

Pot of Gold Winner

Giselle Howard

Other Business


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2006-10-25 (7:22 a.m.)

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